Nothing Left But Fear Novel - Horror or ThrillerThriller or horror novel…that is the question?

I’ve been told that my new novel “Nothing Left But Fear” is scary, so I’m now thinking, should I classify it as a horror instead of a thriller?

As I know the story because I wrote it, and because I know the outcome at each stage, it’s hard for me to feel the suspense in my own book.


I know what happens, as I spent hours writing the story, so it’s not too scary for me. But when I get feed back like…’I still haven’t been brave enough to read it yet, but I will do!’ From a reader in the UK. And then ‘It’s scary!’ From a fan and reader in Hawaii on Facebook…this has made me think.

I do however feel that the book is more of a thriller and it isn’t a horror, but it stopped me to ponder…as I tend to do from time to time.

Your comments and feedback would be helpful to me please.

Thank you.

Thriller or Horror Novel
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