Beware Novelist At Work
Beware Novelist At Work

Beware Novelist At Work…

I’m not sure about you (you being a fellow author), but where do you get your characters from?

When I was writing parts of Nothing Left But Fear in hospital, I used the ward for inspiration for my characters.

I remember when I needed to describe the father to Carly Prow, and just at that point an older gentleman walked in.

I looked at him and decided that he would be Carly’s father. So I set to describing him with this person in front of me.

It made the description job much easier, with a real person in front of me.

Of course he had no idea what I was doing. Also, I’ve got no idea who he was either.

So although my book is complete fiction, you could say that one of the characters is based upon a real person…but what about the rest?

Warning to you if you are in the vicinity of a novelist…

So a word of warning to you…if there’s a novelist at work, you may end up being written into his book.

My characters…

The majority of my characters  come from my imagination though.

I guess they must be people I’ve met along the way, or based upon people I know.

How do you describe the characters in your books?


Beware Novelist At Work – You may be written into his novel

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